About Us


My name is Madhushan Fernando. I am a professional real estate adviser and property consultant in real estate industry. I have 4 year experiences. I have some ideas and knowledge about the real estate. I like to share my ideas and methods/strategies writing articles.

Property consultants conduct a variety of tasks in their attempt to advise people on property-purchasing decisions.

Finding Clients

Property consultants spend a great deal of their time trying to attract clients. Cold-calling, follow-up on leads, advertisement and company presentations to investor clubs and other interested groups could include acts.

Conducting Research

Property consultants are watching the real estate available closely. We always pay attention to market trends, demographics and other details influencing the process of buying and selling.

Building Relationships

Property consultants speak to them about their desires to best serve their customers. We hear about their likes and dislikes, assist them with issues about funding and answer any questions about the purchasing process. Property consultants also visit sites together with their customers.

Handling Paperwork

Property consultants may prepare the documents involved in the buying / selling process, especially in conjunction with legal professionals.